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Colorado Springs, Colorado
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The TSBoard(tm) is:

A peer group of individuals involved with high-technology startups.
A group of people driven by a common desire, to help others in the high-technology startup community succeed.
A source for relevant, useful information for high-technology companies.
Not a company or a non-profit organization.
Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Executive Board Members
Shaun McNerney

Vice Chairman
Myron Berg

Welcome Message
Welcome To The Technology Startup Board Web Site

Dear Prospective Board Member,

I would like to personally welcome you to the Technology Startup Board web site. This is the place to discover all about the thriving high-technology startup community in Colorado Springs.

If you are involved with a high-technology startup in the Colorado Springs area, you really should consider becoming a TSBoard Member. We've made it simple and easy to join. Please visit the Membership Information page for details on how you can become a part of this well-connected community.

Shaun McNerney
Chairman / Founding Member

Mission - Technology Startup Board
Our Mission - What We Want To Do
The Technology Startup Board's mission is to encourage and support the success of high-technology startups in Colorado Springs. We accomplish this by helping our members to:
  • Build their personal network / professional contacts
  • Know about everyone and every startup in the community
  • Access relevant, useful information for high-technology companies
  • Share and exchange knowledge and experiences (library, online discussions, mentoring)
  • Increase awareness about high-technology startups in Colorado Springs
Technology News
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18 hours ago
China bars taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onboard flights from October 27
7.6 hours ago
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15 hours ago
Clouds gather in rooftop solar's biggest U.S. market
8.2 hours ago
T-Mobile seen as top target following AT&T-Time Warner deal
22 hours ago
China issues roadmap for rapid development of self-driving cars
7.5 hours ago
Powerbeats 3 earphones with Appleā€™s W1 chip are now available to buy
6.4 hours ago
This is Mercedes-Benz's new premium pick-up truck
7.0 hours ago
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