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Colorado Springs, Colorado
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The TSBoard(tm) is:

A peer group of individuals involved with high-technology startups.
A group of people driven by a common desire, to help others in the high-technology startup community succeed.
A source for relevant, useful information for high-technology companies.
Not a company or a non-profit organization.
Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Executive Board Members
Shaun McNerney

Vice Chairman
Myron Berg

Welcome Message
Welcome To The Technology Startup Board Web Site

Dear Prospective Board Member,

I would like to personally welcome you to the Technology Startup Board web site. This is the place to discover all about the thriving high-technology startup community in Colorado Springs.

If you are involved with a high-technology startup in the Colorado Springs area, you really should consider becoming a TSBoard Member. We've made it simple and easy to join. Please visit the Membership Information page for details on how you can become a part of this well-connected community.

Shaun McNerney
Chairman / Founding Member

Mission - Technology Startup Board
Our Mission - What We Want To Do
The Technology Startup Board's mission is to encourage and support the success of high-technology startups in Colorado Springs. We accomplish this by helping our members to:
  • Build their personal network / professional contacts
  • Know about everyone and every startup in the community
  • Access relevant, useful information for high-technology companies
  • Share and exchange knowledge and experiences (library, online discussions, mentoring)
  • Increase awareness about high-technology startups in Colorado Springs
Technology News
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Impact of job-stealing robots a growing concern at Davos
17 hours ago
South Korea prosecutors summon another Samsung executive
13 hours ago
More TV networks follow Netflix to binge-watching model
17 hours ago
Toshiba making preparations for sale of stake in chip business: sources
12 hours ago
Sony Music seeks Nigeria streaming growth to build on ringback market
8.5 hours ago
Trading house says Samsung seeks $429 million in LCD panel supply dispute
12 hours ago
XXX: Return of Xander Cage is unapologetically dumb and that’s just fine
7.9 hours ago
Scientists advising the US military say fears of an AI existential threat are ‘uninformed’
8.0 hours ago
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